Monday, July 23, 2007

I Made a Lightbox for Under $10!!

I bought 3 pieces of white foam core poster board for $2.68 each, and 1 sheet of white poster paper for $.58, I already had the packing tape!

Then, I taped the 3 foam core boards together, creating a 3-sided "box" (place tape on outside corners)

I placed my "box" on top of the poster paper, (paper was a bit too small, but I made it work, for now!)

I used a desk lamp as my light source for the first pic, and natural light for the second...note to self, "Do NOT use yellow bulbs!!!"

Final results are amazing, I just need to invest in that new bulb for my lamp, or take my box outside! This folds flat for storage, too! ;o)

Monday, July 9, 2007


Take a look at these gorgeous "mini-moc's" I just got from Etsy!!
Don't mind the mosquito bites!! He he he!
I'm quite pleased with these "See" Tutles!!
Go check them out at