Monday, April 14, 2008

Cloth Alternative to Pull-ups

So your youngster is staying dry for longer periods of time? Even asking to sit on the potty? Ready to switch from diapers to "big boy/girl" pants? Potty learning can be a fun and adventurous time (yes, really!) if you approach it with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and the knowledge that it can be messy, and a "2 steps forward, 1 step back" process. Children should feel motivated to learn, not pressured. So, take your cues from your child, and if you both decide it's time to Potty Learn, you'll be in need of some good training pants!
Just in time for Earth Day, why not "Go Green" and try reusable trainers?? They are fun, soft (not crunchy and crinkly) and are most like "real" underwear!! They can be made with a waterproof layer, or just extra absorbency in the "wet zone". I also make each pair with hidden side snaps, to ensure the underwear look, while making messy changes easy!! Please contact me with preferences for your very own, custom-made CLOTH ALTERNATIVE TO PULL UPS! :o)