Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Con-Fold™ is BORN!!!!

Introducing, the Fabulous New Con-Fold™ Diaper!!

What's a Con-Fold™? Well, it's half contour, half prefold, of course!! After being very frustrated with "losing" the front half of traditional contours in the cover (bunches up and slips down), I decided to make a better one! I really like the simplicity of prefolds,but folding and putting it on a squirmy baby, can prove quite a challenge!
With my new design, I am able to quickly lay the diaper on a cover, tuck in the sides(between the legs), pull up, spread out over the belly, and fasten the cover...DONE! No tri-folding or wrestling with Baby! And, unlike traditional lay-in contours, there is less chance of slipping/shifting (and leaks!)
The center soaker is 8 layers of trim, but absorbent, birdseye cotton, that starts/stops 2 inches from either end, to avoid extra bulk, when folding down to fit smaller babies! The outer layers are super soft, premium quality cotton flannel, for maximum comfort, absorbency and a trim fit!
The center of the soaker is quilted, to "channel" or draw in messes. This, paired with folding over the side edges, helps keep waste IN the diaper, and not on the cover!

This diaper is comparable in size to a "Regular CPF", measuring 17 inches x 12 inches (8 inches at narrowist point) and will fit from a size "small", to "toddler"!

Please, let me know what you think, add your comments, and receive a 10% discount when you order ANYTHING from either of my shops! Just enter "CON-FOLD" in the message to seller at checkout from My Etsy Shop or my Hyena Cart and a link to your comment here!!!
Blessings, G ☺


sherry said...

That is the cutest diaper. There was nothing like it when our son was little. Great success this year.

coonies said...

great idea :)

Cicada Studio said...

This is a great idea! I wish you much success with it- maybe one day soon, I'll see you in Whole Foods ;P

sweetbeans said...

These look awesome, Georganne! I wish I had been better informed about CDing when we had our baby. If we ever have another, we will definitely go cloth.

Anyway, these look fantastic.

amanda said...

This is pure genius!! Almost makes me wish I still had a little one in diapers. I think anyone who has used a contour dipe will "get" why you made these and want to give them a try. Great idea :) and so cute, too!

Georganne said...

Thanks, A!! We LOVE em! I just made a custom order in infant size, as well!

AmericanConsumer said...

I am so excited about these - I just got some prefolds and am concerned about the bulkiness for my baby and 'containment' issues where I'll have to wash covers more frequently -- your solution addresses both of these concerns. Thank you! Can't wait to try them out on our new baby!