Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The "Pond"

Who needs a swimming pool,
when Gramma and Grampa have a
And not just any pond...
there's a hunting cabin, a picnic shelter, a swingset
a sandbox,
and a half of a modular home, that has been converted into another
the kids call it:
"Grandpa's Half-way House"
Here, they fish, swim, boat, catch frogs, and yes,
the occasional water snake sends everyone to shore!
Last Summer, a couple of beavers moved in... but grandpa took care of 'em
(Don't ask what he's cooking in those crockpots in the breezeway! ha ha ha)

Looking for Bull Frogs

Got a couple!

Paddle Boating


The top of the "slide"
which is actually left over construction
equipment :)
The boys pretend to be "flushed away"
*rolls eyes*


Anna said...

Wow, lovely place...looks like the boys had a lot of fun! I love, *love* paddle boat, I can be in it ALL DAY LONG! lol! So wonderful to have loving Grandparents! ;-)

Candy Stick Lane said...

This reminds me of summers at my aunt Dots cabin! How wonderful that the boys get to experience this!