Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Little Bit of Heaven; Revisited

We're Ba-a-ack!
Remember that Magical Place that I
blogged about here ?
Well, my daughter and I
went back there, last week...
Just as breath-taking
Just as surreal
Just as peaceful
(Just as many spiders, too!)
But thanks to a healthy rainy season,
much more rushing water, this year.
We hiked down the steep incline, and stepped across
slippery rocks,
Just to experience
A Little Bit of Heaven, again

The creek runs under this road.
We descended directly to the right of
the moss-covered stone "bridge"

Looking down, over the side of the bridge

Heading down...it's a lot steeper
than it looks!

Looking back, from where we just came.
We scaled down the right side of this
cement "bridge" and walked over the rocks,
fallen trees, and even in the water,
then turned around, to snap this pic:

The sun, trying to shine through the canopy of trees

Small waterfall, about 6 feet high

Side view of the waterfall

The waterfall drops off directly to my right
(I look like a deer in headlights, I know..
I was sure I was about to fall in!)


Anna said...

WOW! Lovely spot to walk around! Beautiful! Thanks for showing this to us. You and your daughter are lovely ladies too! {;o) God bless ~

April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Candy Stick Lane said...

Good Morning Sunshine! You've won an award! Smooches!

joeyandaleethea said...

What gorgeous photos!! I'd love to visit there. And how beautiful are you?? You go Mama. :)

Georganne said...

Thanks, Sandra, how are your lovely babies???